Guten Tag Mate!

Today was a transit day so you’re in for a short post after yesterday’s mammoth one!

We were heading to Munich, Germany at lunch time by train. However, we strategically caught a later train so we could get a last glimpse of Innsbruck this morning. As I mentioned yesterday, the snow covered alps are breathtaking and it really is impossible to get bored with the view. Especially the contrast against the vivid turquoise river that flows through the town. We also took some pics of the famous (well, famous in Innsbruck) Golden Roof which was built in 1420 to make royal announcements.




It is worth making an honourable mention to Nelson Mandela, who was buried this week. While his efforts for human rights were centred in South Africa, his work and bravery was felt everywhere. Even here in historic Innsbruck. So thank you Nelson Mandela!


Next stop Munich! The train trip was relatively short today, only 2 hours. The scenery leaving Innsbruck consisted of the alps. But once the mountain ranges ended, the land was relatively flat. In addition, the weather changed to overcast and grey.

We were now becoming pros on local transport and caught the metro to where our apartment was located. We had hired a flat on Airbnb. This was our first impression as we rang the doorbell. Would you be scared?


To answer my own question, yes and no! The hallway was pretty shabby but the flat itself was quite funky and retro. We were glad we had booked the apartment as we get to live like a local for a few days!

image image image image

After freshening up, we walked to the old town for the Christmas Markets. Wow!  These ones were triple the size of Innsbruck with real local handicrafts (not made in China products).

image image image image

Gotta run now as we have a tour starting soon and I’m not ready yet. More later ….


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