Feed the birds?

Another rainy day in London Town. But that was no reason to stay holed up in the comfort of a warm and cosy hotel room. So off we went to see more of the city’s sights. We had to decided to do the first half of the day doing touristy stuff and the second half of the day exploring an area.

First up was Piccadilly Circus, London’s equivalent to Times Square where advertising has become a tourist attraction. Nonetheless, snap snap goes the camera.


We then strolled over to Trafalgar Square. My memory from my last visit to London was the pigeons and the old homeless ladies and men feeding them – think Mary Poppins. For those who know Glenn well, you will know he has a pigeon phobia (which I now inevitably have). Neither of us can watch Masterchef when they cook squab and we hate when they fly overhead in large groups. So, we were surprised to see that feeding the pigeons was now banned! See how happy Glenn is about this!

image image image

Next stop was Leicester Square and Covent Garden to check out the markets, shops send oversized Rudolph the Reindeer!

image image image

After lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Soho, we went to the London Eye. Whilst it may just be perceived as an oversized Ferris wheel, it wasn’t around when Glenn and I visited last time so we thought it fitting to go on it. Of course, when we visited it was raining. In the end, the a Eye was quite cool. The view was great (would have been better with less rain) and the actual Eye is an amazing architectural structure. Happy we did it!

image image image

Finally stop before dinner was Liverpool Street in East London to check out the Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market. It was a very cool area with lots of vintage shops, one-off boutiques and….. Drumroll please……record stores. Glenn could have stayed all night but we needed to get ready for a much overdue evening to catch up with Carolin and Alison in Chelsea at The Pig’s Ear. For new friends, Carolin was one of our beautiful bridesmaids at our wedding (who flew from Germany to London to catch up with us) and Alison completed the three amigos before she sadly left us for exciting London. It was so wonderful to see them both – it felt like yesterday that we last caught up and both were looking gorgeous and doing well. Counting down to seeing them again.

image image


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