It’s the final countdown!

It’s a sad sad sad day today. It’s our last full day in London. We decided to do the same as yesterday… First half of the day doing touristy sightseeing and then exploring an area.

We started checking out the Tower of London which was built in 11th century. I had visited last time so we just walked around it. It is quite surreal that there is a castle in London city in the middle of the business district.

image imageimage

We then walked over Tower Bridge. Tower Bridge is relatively new – opened in 1894. However,  in my view, Tower Bridge is a very impressive bridge. It is incredibly grand. I actually said yo Glenn that it may be more impressive than Sydney Harbour Bridge but was very quickly put in my place!

image image

We walked along the Thames (which is very dirty looking) to St Paul’s Cathedral. St Paul’s dates back to 604AD when it was medieval church that was destroyed in the 1666 Great Fire of London. The current cathedral was built in the late 17th century. When we arrived it was closed unless you were there to worship. Given it was Sunday morning, we decided to go to mass – even if it was Church of England and not Catholic ;). When we entered, the choir was angelically singing hymns and the homily was very real and relateable. The inside of the church was also amazing. I would highly recommend visiting during worship to fully appreciate the church.

image image image

We then jumped on the underground and went to Camden Town to stroll through Camden markets and see the Camden lock. My goodness the markets were massive. Whilst there was some cool stuff, a lot of it was the same and not unique. However, it was very cool to walk around the area which felt more grudge.

image image image image

In the afternoon Glenn and I had alone time. Glenn was catching up with a friend, Adam. I was off to see a musical, The Commitments. The musical is based on the movie, which is based on the book, about brining soul music to working class Ireland in the late 1980’s. The musical was good which heaps of songs to bop along too. However, the highlight was my celebrity spotting. Matt Lucas from Little Britain was sitting in the row behind me…. Gotta love a celebrity spot, especially when you have better seats than them! It is also worth noting that going to a musical without Rita is just strange!!! Missed her heaps!!



For our last night we were planning on going into Covent Garden for dinner. However, while waiting for the underground, there was an announcement that trains in that direction would be delayed because there was a passenger under the train. Yep, that’s how matter of fact they announced it. We guessed it must happen all the time! So we caught the train in the other direction to Earl’s Court. We didn’t know what was there but thought, why not! We found a cute pub for beers and then a nice Indian restaurant for dinner (as we hadn’t had English Indian yet!). It was yummy indeed and there was Indian belly the next day either! After a pit stop to get yorkies, we were off to bed for our last sleep on holidays.

image image image image image


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