A rainy day in London!

Arrived in London this morning to be met by typical London weather – rain and grey skies. The trip from Edinburgh to London is only a 1.5 hours flight but the checkin process felt like we were travelling international with all the security checks etc. And the travel time from London to our hotel took longer than our actual flight. Nonetheless, we made it to our B&B, The Lime Tree Hotel. It’s a cute boutique hotel/B&B located in Belgravia – basically the posh part of London where townhouses go for £15 million.


We decided to get straight out and do things despite the rain. So we headed to see the Queen’s home, Buckingham Palace. We were lucky to be there to see the changing of the Queen’s Life Guard. This also meant there where thousands of people…. So much for being a quiet time of year to sightsee.

image image image

We then walked along St James Park lake to Westminster Abbey. Now Westminster Abbey is incredibly impressive from the outside even after all the churches I have seen. It is absolutely massive. However, it also has a massive percentage attached to visit – £18 each (that’s $30 each). I am sure it is just as grand inside, but $60 is too much to see the inside of another church. So we left complaining about the cost. Maybe God heard because it then started to rain. Actually, not rain, pour! The nearest cover was a tree (with 30 other people). It only lasted 5 mins but in that time it hailed!! Yep,we got caught in a hail storm!

image image image

After the rain, we took some pics of Big Ben and the House of Parliament – another impressive building – as well as the London Eye and the Thames.

image image

At this point we were hungry, wet and needed a break so we had a pub lunch and then went back too the room for a rest.

Tonight, we caught up with Jacqui and Keiran. Jacqui and I met on a tour travelling through China in 2005 (along with Mike and Katie). Whilst it had been 6 years since we had last seen each other, it felt like yesterday. We had such a great time and one of our classier meals on the trip at a brilliant restaurant, The Botanist.



One thought on “A rainy day in London!

  1. Am very Jelly! Jackie took Bruce and me there too! It’s lovely isn’t it? Your trip is great, love the blog. xx

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